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Forhan’s SARSON (MUSTARD) Hair Oil 100% Pure

It helps hair growth, prevents premature graying and dandruff. Pure Mustard Oil nourishes and fortifies hair, helping to reduce hair fall and gives extra shine and strength to your hair. How to use? Pour some drops of coconut oil on your palms and rub them together to spread it well. Moving your fingertips in circular […]


Forhan’s Coconut Hair Oil 100% Pure

This 100% pure Coconut Oil is the natural way to help your hair grow. It prevents premature graying and dandruff. Also, helping to reduce hair fall. It nourishes the scalp and gives a soft and glossy look to your hair. How to use? To provide your hair with maximum nourishment, take a small amount of […]


Forhan’s Massage Cream

Forhan’s Body Massage Cream is made with natural beeswax. The cream’s softness has been enhanced with mineral oil and fragrances. It is blended with ceresin wax and natural binders to make a soothing therapeutic moisturizing cream. For over fifty years the formula has been tried and tested. Forhan’s Massage cream formulation was initially a face […]


Forhan’s Formenz Fairness Cream

A man’s skin texture is very different form woman’s skin. The day to day exposure of skin to the ultra violet radiations of Sun, the pollutants in our environment and the damage from daily shaving makes your skin resistant to most of the products. Consequently, use of any product on the skin seems to have […]


Forhan’s Lion Balm

Forhan’s Lion Balm Muscle Rub is a special Herbal formulation for the relief of muscle aches, joint aches and stiffness associated with rheumatic conditions (a type of condition that affects your joints tendons, ligaments, bones, and muscles e.g. Arthritis). It is a high quality and effective Pain Relief Balm that has special ingredients to help […]


Forhan’s Herbal Deep Rub Balm

Forhan’s Herbal Deep Rub is an effective relief balm that suppresses coughs and minor aches and pains. It temporarily relieves cold and flu symptoms including sore throat, runny nose, coughs, sneezing and fever. When applied on nasal areas, it gives you a soothing feeling which calms your body, temporarily getting rid of any unpleasant feeling. […]


Forhan’s Petrolleum Jelly

A mixture of mineral oils and waxes, Forhan’s Petrolem Jelly is a high quality product produced from the best possible raw materials. With rich contents of Petrolatum, extracted  organically, Forhan’s Petroleum Jelly is all about natural ingredients. One thin layer heals your skin inside out. Whether it’s your dried out skin from applying daily makeup, […]